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25 April 2019
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21 Large Size Vanity Fair Framed Prints
This is the complete collection of all the special size Vanity Fair prints framed and in excellent condition, there are 20 doubles and 1 triple, that were published with the magazine between 1868 and 1912. (not all are pictured individually)

01.07.1879 - Row in Season / 30.11.1885 - Paddock at Newmarket / 30.11.1886 - Lobby of the House of Commons / 06.12.1887 - Tattersall's Newmarket / 08.12.1888 The Winning Post / 29.11.1890 In Vanity Fair / 05.12.1891 Bench & Bar / 03.12.1892 Mixed Political Wares (Triple) / 30.11.1893 On the Terrace / 06.12.1894 At Cowes / 28.11.1895 A Masters Meet / 11.06.1896 Cycling in the Park / 26.11.1896 On the Heath / 03.06.1897 Au Bois de Boulogne / 25.11.1897 Empire Makers & Breakers / 01.12.1898 The Lord Protect Us / 23.11.1899 At Rennes / 29.11.1900 A General Group / 28.11.1901 Kirby Gate / 27.11.1902 Heads of Law / 07.12.1905 A Fox Hunting Constellation.

Frame Size:
Triple - 23.5" x 37.5" (60 x 95cms)
Double - 23.5" x 28.5" (60 x 72cms)
Ref: 28952
Price: £10,000
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Set of Four Oils on Canvas, views of the Thames - R. Allan (Fl. 1884-1914)
Four oil on canvas by R. Allan, who was active 1884-1914, of the Thames at Cavesham, Whitchurch, Streatley and at Sonning painted in the first decade of the 20th Century.

1. 2 men in a rowing boat, with a sail in the background and a fish trap - Cavesham on Thames.
2. Church spire, other buildings and a man in a punt - Whitchurch on Thames.
3. Houses, square tower Church, weir and man in a rowing boat - Streatley on Thames.
4. Large house, 2 men in a boat and a man fishing from a bridge - Sonning on Thames.

All the pictures are in excellent condition having just been cleaned and re-framed, ready to hang.

Picture Size - 12" x 20" (31 x 51 cms)
Frame Size - 18" x 26" (46 x 61 cms)
Ref: 30485
Price: £3,995
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Frederic Lord Leighton (1830-1896) Sketch
A reclining nude, a study for "Cymon and Iphigenia" in black and white chalk, signed and bearing studio stamp, by Frederic Lord Leighton (1830-1896), PRA, originally purchased from J.S.Maas & Co in 1961.

Size - 4.25" x 8" (11 x 20.5cms)
Frame Size - 12" X 15.5" (30.5 x 40cms)
Ref: 30581
Price: £3,750
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Oil on canvas "Ludford Bridge" Arthur Netherwood (1864-1930)
This is a large oil on canvas of Ludford Bridge on the Teme river at Ludlow.
It was painted at the beginning of the 20th century by Arthur Netherwood who had a studio in a building that sat above the Horseshoe Weir that is downstream of the bridge. The tree in the foreground still sits on a small island in the river where there used to be a ford before the bridge was built in the 16th century.
The picture has just been cleaned, as has the frame, which is original, so both are in excellent condition.
As a point of interest (and not for sale) the last picture is the original brass name plate from the studio that used to stand below the bridge.

Picture - 27.5" x 38.75" (70 x 99cms)
Frame - 38" x 49.5" (96.5 x 126cms)
Ref: 30476
Price: £3,250
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Pair of Oils of Richmond by James Isaiah Lewis
Two views of Richmond upon Thames; one of the protected view from Richmond Hill of the Thames and the other of Richmond Bridge, painted oil on canvas by James Isaiah Lewis 1861-1934.
Both pictures are in excellent condition having just been cleaned, they have been re-framed and are ready to hang on your wall.

Pictures - 11.75" x 17.5" (30 x 44.5cms)
Frame - 19.5" x 25.5" (50 x 65cms)
Ref: 30468
Price: £2,250
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Large 19th Century Oil on Canvas of the Thames at Pangbourne (?)
This is an extremely well executed view of a house on the Thames near Pangbourne (but it could be anywhere in the Thames Valley) painted in the late 1880/90s but of an earlier time such as the late 18th or early 19th century.
It has been cleaned and is in it's original frame which has been sympathetically restored.
There is a faint signature which we have not been able to decipher - "FWB"?
If anyone recognises the house, the stretch of river, or the artist we would love to hear from you.

Picture Size - 20" x 30" (51 x 76 cms)
Frame Size - 33.5" x 44" (85 x 112 cms)
Ref: 30486
Price: £1,875
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Pair of Thames Watercolours by Gordon Meadows
On the left, a view from the Middlesex bank of the Thames looking towards the brewery at Mortlake and down river to Barnes and on the right, a view from the Surrey bank towards St Nicholas's church and Chiswick Mall. Signed by Gordon A Meadows (1866-1937) this pair are in good condition and ready to hang.

Mortlake/Barnes - Picture - 6.75"x10.75" (17x27cms)
St Nicholas Church and Chiswick Mall - 6.5"x10" (16.5x25.5cms)

Frames (both) - 17.5" x 20.5" (44.5 x 52cms)
Ref: 30523
Price: £1,275
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1st Duke of Wellington, Oil on Board
A contemporary oil painting of Arthur Wellesley, 1st Duke of Wellington (1769-1852) in civilian dress wearing the Spanish Order of Knights of the Golden Fleece, probably towards the end of his life in the 1840s.
A fine painting in good condition but in a contemporary frame that can best be described as delicate and fragile.

Painting - 11.5" x 9.5" (29x24 cms)
Frame - 17.5" x 15" (43x38 cms)
Ref: 30583
Price: £1,250
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Set of 4 Archibald Thorburn Signed Prints of Deer in a Winter Landscape
Four framed signed lithographic prints of deer by Archibald Thorburn (1860-1935) all dated 1907 and produced by A Baird Carter of Jermyn Street, London. They are all in excellent condition and ready to hang.

Size: All the same.
Frame - 17.75" x 22.75" (45 x 58cm)
Picture - 10" x 15" (25.5 x 38cm)
Ref: 30721
Price: £995
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3 Signed Archibald Thorburn Game Prints
Three framed colour prints of game birds by Archibald Thorburn signed in pencil in the bottom left hand corner.
Main photograph:

Top: "September Morning" 1925,
Publisher - W F Embleton

Left: "Grouse in the Peat Bogs" 1932,
Publisher - W F Embleton

Right: "Blackcock at the Lek" 1911
Publisher - A Baird-Carter
Ref: 28862
Price: £875
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Pair of Marine Watercolours
Signed by Fred Miller and dating to the late 19th Century this pair of well executed watercolours shows shipping scenes off Portsmouth. In good condition with contemporary frames they are ready to hang.

Frames - 31.25" x 26" (80 x 66cms)
Pictures - 21.25" x 16.5" (54 x 42cms)
Ref: 30536
Price: £795
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Thames at Mortlake by Gordon A Meadows
"Brewery Barges at Mortlake" Dated 1921. This a watercolour by Gordon A Meadows 1866-1937 (aka Arthur Gordon Meadows) painted from the Surrey bank at Barnes looking west down the river to the brewery at Mortlake.
It is in excellent condition however the picture would benefit from re-framing and would make a great pair with another watercolour by this artist that I have entitled "Chiswick on Thames"

Picture - 14.5" x 21" (37 x 53cms)
Frame - 20" x 27" (51 x 69cms)
Ref: 30473
Price: £750
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Chiswick on Thames by Arthur Gordon Meadows
A watercolour of the view from the Surrey bank of the Thames at Barnes of the houses on Chiswick Mall and St Nicholas Church with barges and Chiswick Eyot in the foreground. Inscribed and dated by Meadows (1866-1937) in 1897 this is a charming picture of the river at Chiswick in it's original frame and glass, there is a little foxing which could be addressed if desired.

Picture - 15" x 19.75" (38 x 50cms)
Frame - 24" x 29" (61 x 74cms)
Ref: 30454
Price: £750
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Mid 19th Century Botanical Lithographs
Published c. 1850 by Louis Van Houtte in ‘Flore des serres et des jardins de l’Europe’, these multi-mount botanical lithographs in original colour are highly desirable, superbly decorative and considered very collectable. They are in fine condition and attractively mounted and framed.
Louis Van Houtte was the founder, publisher and part-editor the " Flore des serres et des jardins de l’Europe". He was also the proprietor of the largest nursery of its time on the continent. The periodicial appeared monthly for almost 40 years and was published by his own printing office in the middle of his gardens, the Horto van Houtteano. The work is notable for the craftmanship of the Belgian lithographers Severeyns, Stroobant and De Pannemaker, who had mastered the art of colour-printing from stone.

Frame dimensions: 31” x 25.5” (79 x 64.5cm)
Individual engravings approx. 9” x 6” (22.5 x 15cm)
Ref: 21336
Price: £495
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Oil on Board "SS Shantung" Max Parsons
Max Parsons (1915-1998) A.R.C.A. oil on board of SS Shantung, coastal freighter, 2,549 tons, launched in 1915 for The China Navigation Co Ltd (Swire family) in Hong Kong.
In excellent condition.

Picture - 17.5" x 23.5" (44.5 x 60cms)
Frame - 20.5" x 26.5" (52 x 67.5cms)
Ref: 28852
Price: £425
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Gilt Relief Portrait - Duke of Wellington
Field Marshal Arthur Wellesley, 1st Duke of Wellington.
This is an oak framed mid Victorian gilt relief portrait of the renowned soldier and statesman, hero of the Peninsular Wars and commander of the allied forces that defeated Napoleon at the Battle of Waterloo in June 1815.
This portrait is in excellent condition as it celebrates the the double century since that famous victory.

Width - 12" (31cms)
Height - 17" (43cms)
Depth - 2" (5cms)
Ref: 30395
Price: £425
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Pair of Watercolours of Chester by T Fairfax
Painted at the end of the 19th Century, this pair of watercolours by T Fairfax, are views of Bridge Street, St Peter's Church and the Bear & Billet Public House in Chester, framed and mounted they are ready to hang.

Pictures - 15.5"x 10" (39.5 x 25.5cms)
Frames - 24.5"x 19" (62.5 x 48.5")
Ref: 30410
Price: £395
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Victorian Sampler "Eliza Charlotte Allen"
Dated to 1855, this sampler is in very good condition and features fine needlework of birds, trees, plants, wild animals, churches, Victorian men in uniform and in the centre a young girl with her King Charles spaniel. The general feeling of the sampler leads to a belief that it was created by a young girl living in the colonies, possibly sub saharan Africa.

17.25" x 15.75" (44 x 40 cms)
Ref: 30647
Price: £395
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Gilt Relief Tableau of Two Fighting Men
This appears to be two Regency era men fighting with pistols and knives.
It occurred to me that this tableau may be from a play or known historical event.
I have spent some considerable time researching it and have uncovered little - so if anyone knows what it represents I would love to be enlightened.
The gilt relief is sitting on a red velvet background inside a hardwood case.

Height - 10" (25.5cms)
Width - 8" (20cms)
Depth - 2" (5cms)
Ref: 30397
Price: £295
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Scottish Watercolour by Sid Gardner
A view of a corner of Loch Katrine in the Trossachs by Sidney Valentine Gardner 1869-1957.
Sidney was a member of the Staithes Art Club 1903 and a long time member of the Nottingham Society of Artists where he exhibited at least 73 times.
He also exhibited at the Royal Academy and the RSBA.
The watercolour is unframed but in a mount and is in excellent condition.

Picture - 9.5" x 13.5" (24 x 34 cms)
Mount - 15.5" x 19.5" (40 x 50cms)
Ref: 30478
Price: £295
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